Thursday, September 04, 2003

Study: Sleep loss connected to depression, irritability: "The study prompted medical professionals in the country to re-evaluate the connection between depression and sleep deprivation"
Peaceful Schools Project Tackles Bullies: "Bullying is a pervasive behavior problem with profound and long-range consequences that can influence and shape the lives of young children. Bullies have been linked with school shootings and child and adolescent suicides"

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

New Scientist: "The youngest children in a school year group have a higher risk of developing mental health problems than the oldest children, according to a new study"

This shows the importance of making sure that your child is correctly placed in a class.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

intervention helps binge eaters: "Motivational interviewing is a style of therapy that is non-judgmental, empathetic, non-confrontational and 'meets the client where they are at in a collaborative effort"

An interesting approach for treating eating disorders.
Sage improves memory, study shows: "NEW research has proved that sage can improve memory, confirming centuries-old theories. British scientists have carried out the first clinical trials with healthy, young adults and found that those who had taken sage oil capsules performed significantly better in a word recall test"

This is interesting research, but it would be wise to wait on other studies to reproduce these results.

Monday, September 01, 2003

Joyce Brothers: How well informed are you about marriage?

A useful little test for couples to evaluate.
Shopaholics Need Therapy
Evening Standard - ...those who take it too far and become real shopaholics have a serious psychiatric disorder

Adolescent Depression Leads to Adult Problems
Dr. Koop - Young adults who experienced an episode of major depression in adolescence may be more vulnerable to a relapse in adulthood that could significantly affect their quality of life.

New principle guides Memory Dynamics
Eureka alert - Is it possible to intentionally forget specific memories, without affecting other memories?

When Depression Hurts the Body as Well as the Mind
Psychology Today -...major depressive disorder has physical as well as emotional symptoms.